Totally Glowing Opening

by With Child

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Ten songs written and recorded July 20-July 30, 2014 at Shared Space Studio in Pentwater, MI.


released August 7, 2014

All songs written by Elijah Jensen-Lindsey
All performances by Elijah Jensen-Lindsey except Tremoloa on Summon Love by John Holland



all rights reserved


With Child Nampa, Idaho

Music project of Elijah Jensen-Lindsey, an artist and carpenter residing in a small town in Idaho.

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Track Name: Day Busted Open
The time and the season align
and I'm keeping my eye on the sky
busted open

It feels like a daydream combined
with a wanting inside of a heart
busted open

This wish:
a simple growing body
held up on the brink of the day
This stream
it done washed up all that's holy
Oh, what a reason to stay

Now I lay pining
I'm shocked what I'm finding
in the depths of a day
busted open
Track Name: Growing Shadow
Dust mote on my window sill
in growing shadow,
growing shadow

Whippoorwill you whisper still
all is spoken,
all is spoken

Nightingale alight with will
slowly floating,
slowly floating

Graciously you eat your fill
open window,
open window

I'm awake and almost real
a growing pillar,
growing pillar

Dust mote on my window sill
in growing shadow
Track Name: Old Growth
Old growth beneath me
receive me
completely free
receive me

Old growth inside me
disguise me
so truthfully
disguise me

All is alive in the love and the light of this moment
All that is anchored and lasting is steadily growing

Old growth complete me

Old growth a towering
a bowing
in simple breeze
always surround me
Track Name: Letting Go
Irreparable I drift to sleep
clouded in the fog of what I've seen
way off in the meadow lying there
my future self

This bedazzled monument is growing round me
This amazing grace how great thou art
come guide me

I'm letting go,
I'm letting go
Track Name: Captured Heart
The weight of it all
has caused me to fall
in a daydream
don't you wake me

Lovely and strong
you captured my heart
like a tiger
all a hunting

I opened up a songbird
inside I found you

Oh, what the song
means to the falling leaf
all a sailing

We've come to find
all that's in sight
Oh I see you
don't you see me?

I opened up a songbird
inside I found you

I found you underneath
I kept you so
deep inside of me
Track Name: This Love
This love is a bear cave
warm in the snow
this love is a wild hibernating glow

This love is a full moon
all through the night
this love is the beaming mother of the tides

All good things combined
this love

This love is a strong wind
filling a sail
this love is a peaceful guiding gale

Take me where you will
this love
Track Name: Here I Am
The nest emptied out
how the shell falls upon you

crumbled up by the hoof
of a doe lying in you
through the night

the dew rests so peacefully on you

spiderweb through the bough
shines like diamonds
within you

Here I am just a man
trying to understand you
"Who are you?" I am singing.

You sing back "I'm the space
of the finding and keeping,
here I am, here I am"
Track Name: Sing You in a Song
Sing you in a song
about how your body lays so gracefully
in the dawn

Sing you in a song
how your wild heart is quietly bewildering
and strong

Sing you in a song
how the seedling looks cupped so gently
in your palm

sing you in a song

Sing a song of me
so what the wisemen lost arrives to me
in a dream

Sing a song of me
to wish the best in things, to see my blues
washed out to sea

Sing a song of me
to open up my heart and listen to the prayer
of everything

sing a song
of me
Track Name: Wild Kindness
There's a wildness, there's a kindness
a hope in the heavy hanging moon
this eruption in the distance
I pray to you, why don't you pray to me?
I kneel to you, why don't you bow to me?

Wear a gold ring drink a potion
keep a key close to your heart
Don't see a difference in the hunting
and the killing
and the eating.
Taste the rainbow,
break a magic wand

I'm real today
though i'm mostly washed up and guttered like rain
I'm real today
and I see no fault
in anything at all.
Track Name: Summon Love
So long,
let it roll and roam roll the dice
Beating on a boulder, taking up your size
way above
a body lays alone rewind,
laying on it's side beaten up & wild
sewing up a sail
wind wild
come on darling, loosen up your eyes

Summon love inside the eye

Why why
We are the head inside of it, rewind
waking up in light
waking up alive
wait to see what's real open like a diamond
open like a sign. Be the heaven on a wind

be wise
hovering in the woods