Homesick in a Ghostown

by With Child

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Homesick in a Ghostown

Say come on, why hold me love?
I'm busting up.

I made my bed and slept in it, died in it, broke bread in it
left a crumb trail lying to the headstone
deep inside a grassy wave where I left myself dug myself a hole
and left myself and
woke up from a dream,
but the dream was just a thing that I saw
I’m no reflection of the moon in the fire,
the sun is just a roofless light inside the moment
just a cable in the cable in the light in the bay
a cable in the light of a wave

I pulled my tooth out to show the girl I’m a canine
just to combat, just to come back
whole town love life life love life and I’m homesick
I’m broken like a sail on a boat and paling at the throat
I barely can’t ever float inside I’m bay sick
A basic thing of need the lighthouse
is a guidepost, a fire inside the lighthouse
Karma got your soul

I’m wading out to the harpooned maven
in the moment in the sound and the love and the light
in the light of the love I see myself reflected in your eye
I hold myself higher than you because
you hold me higher than me and I’m open
like I gotta go to bed to see myself inside a dream
and waking in a toothless mass in a pile,
a pile of trash and I’m postal
I’m camouflaged and disguised like a myna bird
on a broken bowl, and frozen like a constant light I hibernate.
Once you see yourself inside of me I’m taking everything I got
I got nothing left to give.

Don’t repeat yourself, don’t see yourself inside the mass
upon the break
upon the love inside the holy thing
you’ve never known.
You never owned nothing? You’d give it all up?
You give it something else to give it breath
to give it life to give it truth
to give it mass to give it light
to give it no one to give it knowledge

Lying down in the grass I saw your fucked up wild heart
making all the love inside the scene
inside the breaking open eyes and heart
You got your open heart and lion blood
& lion den & lion hope
& I’m just not nothing else, I’m not fucking up
In my pool. I’m in a pool of blood
Made my bed, broke it lying down upon the trash
dog humping in the love and the line out
lose myself reverberated like a constant reflection
like a dog inside the heat and lie in hope
and hope my mind just won’t woe
I just don’t go
I’m just below, just don’t belong, just kindly said
“Pull my wedding ring up inside my head”
But I came to
holding hands inside the hopeless
and the hopeless just don’t give it up

I’m hopeless lying dead inside the Leo’s den
upon the bed
I’m a Taurus, a Sagittarius, a (polidy?)
A compilation of the Friday morning fever of the dawn
inside the baking of the sun,
and the sun is just a light from the roof of the moon
and it’s just tangled up
in the light of a moonbeam
quilted by the break and the love in a song
in the hand of a girl I used to love

I’m seeing what it was, I’m seeing what it does
to me to become a thing
and hide the fire inside of me
Holding up the highest order, holding up
the highest order, I’m sounding fear
something fierce inside the break in the long bend upon, and
I’m breaking it

I’m breaking it.

O come on, what you saw in the oaken tree
been falling on the break the bong the bed the bough is just a thing
You never saw inside the grass leaves sucking up a demon
insects open like a sarcophagus
both hands are hiding and vicious
see what you want inside of a moment

Gotta get your mouth open to say what you want
leave what you all outside your head
“What is this? Whatcha want? Whatcha gonna get?
Whatcha gonna leave,
whatcha wanna (******)”

Gonna get your body broken, gonna leave yourself
alone inside the ghost, inside the broken ended ghostown
and I’m homesick.

I’m broken down in this ghostown
and I’m homesick.

I’m coasting on the fumes of the gas and the leaves
and I load myself and bake the bread and break the butter
Leave the trail inside the head inside the (mostal?)
cut the coastal, cut the leaf to the mound
headstone from the grass, leave myself inside and buried
in mud and everything else out

And I’m dancing like a leaf, like a tree
My limbs all broken up by the bough
inside the leaves
How it comes through the light
In the breeze

I’m everything to no one
and nothing to everyone
I’m everything.

I’m pumped out, so foul
love like old town
lost like something else
you’ve gone in

Got a stringless bass and a prescient face
and the loss and a wig inside your lace
inside the whole thing where you wear your dress out
What holds your dress up?
What’s that body moving underneath the ocean
like a floor inside a wave in the tide and you swim
and you lose yourself

There ain’t nothing left to give to yourself


released September 7, 2014
All performances by Elijah Jensen-Lindsey



all rights reserved


With Child Nampa, Idaho

Music project of Elijah Jensen-Lindsey, an artist and carpenter residing in a small town in Idaho.

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